Our First Apartment As a Married Couple

I proposed to my girlfriend nearly three weeks ago. She accepted, and we agreed that we did not want to have a long engagement. I know some people wait years, but we were excited to start our married lives as soon as possible. We are both Christians, so we knew we would not live together until we were married also. Neither of our apartments are good for a married couple, so we knew that we were going to have to start looking at Tampa FL apartments that would be a lot more suitable for us once we are married in a couple of months.

While we do have time, I still wanted to find the place we would be calling home. I didn’t care if I had to give up my apartment and move in to the new one before we were married. That would give me time to actually make sure everything is perfect there anyway. We decided that we definitely wanted to stay in Tampa, so we only looked at the complexes there. Even though there were quite a few, none of them struck us as being as nice as The Marq Highland Park.

We looked at one bedroom apartments, but we decided that it would be best to go with the three bedroom unit. We knew that we were going to have children right away, or at least we are hoping, and neither of us want to move within a year or two. We also thought that having an extra bedroom would be great for visiting family. We have found the perfect three bedroom apartment with two baths. The living room and kitchen are really nice, and there is even a balcony that we can relax on. I have submitted our application, and I just know we are going to get the one that we want!

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